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The early formative years in childhood are instrumental in shaping the world view, how an individual perceives things, assess skills and sets life goals. Personality evolves when the basic needs are met. What are these needs and how to categorize them? The famous Maslow’s theory of Actualisation gives a detailed account of how an individual can reach full potential.

  • Physiological needs include the basics: food, drink, sleep needs should be met.
  • Safety and Security from any potential physical or psychological danger
  • Love and belonging comes from being a part of a community, family, friends
  • Esteem needs include the need for self-worth, self-esteem and feeling competent
  • Cognitive needs mean the desire to be understood and searching for a deeper meaning in life
  • Aesthetic needs of order, beauty and symmetry
  • Self-actualisation, when all the needs are met, an individual can reach full potential, attaining a sense of self-fulfilment
Personality Development

In today’s world, confidence and the ability to communicate are the key aspects that can pave the way for you personally and professionally. You often must have found yourself in situations where you felt stuck when given a general topic or you fumbled. Confidence comes from the subject matter and for this you have to be well-versed with the correct pronunciation, fluency and grammar knowledge. The culmination of all these things would boost your confidence. It comes with practice, the magic doesn’t happen overnight. You have to hone your skills to voice your thoughts, opinions comfortably without fumbling. This is where this personality & skill development course comes into the picture. 

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