NEET Individual Biology

NEET Individual Biology
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NEET Individual Biology

Biology is the key subject for any NEET aspirant. Students should have a very good hand on biology to have a good score in the NEET Exam. If you are still under-confident for this subject then join NEET Individual Biology at Make My Career.  We at Make My Career provide you with the best and most experienced faculty. Their enriched experience adds a lot of value to your understanding and learning of the subject. They will tell you the strategy of doing the exam efficiently within the allotted time. You will also get online video lectures, e-books, model test papers, current updates about the NEET exam. We support you through your NEET exam journey completely with the latest technology. We provide you access to 160  Video lectures + live lectures by experienced faculty Sanjay Dwivedi Sir, 10 mock test pacers,  22 Lecture wise PDF notes for full one year.
Make your dream come true by joining the Neet Individual Biology Course today!

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NEET Individual Biology Highlights


·         320  Video lectures + live lectures by experienced faculty Sanjay Dwivedi  Sir

·         37 Lecture wise PDF notes

·         37 Online Unit Tests

·         20 Online Mock Tests

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NEET Individual Biology Mentors
Mr. Sanjay Dwivedi
Sanjay Dwivedi, Senior Mentor, Biology, Make My Career

Meet Sanjay Dwivedi Sir, Senior Mentor for Department of Biology at Make My Career. With years of experience in teaching Competitive Biology, he is a proclaimed "Career Guru" in his field.
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NEET Individual Biology
₹ 7,999.00 ₹ 16,520.00 51.58% Off
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