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Knowledge is the most powerful asset one can ever possess.

We live by this statement all our life. Education is one of the primary key factors that help in shaping our future. In the midst of this modern era, most of us are in search of the right quality of education. While some of us struggle to search for good faculty, academy, or coaching centers. The others find it difficult to commute to a certain academy or coaching centers for having access to the right education.

On one hand, the potential students are not getting a good quality education. On the other, teachers are not able to cater their knowledge and learnings to students because of the lack of a platform. Make My Careers pledges to bridge this gap.

We are Make My Career, an Ed Tech platform meaning, we are an all-in-one online learning platform. We cover more than 20 entrance exams with the best of faculties all over India. We have structured all the fragmented courses according to your convenience.

We provide teachers and mentors with world-class infrastructure in the form of studios, editing, content, and marketing so that their sole focus is on teaching. The primary aim behind all of it is to make a smooth system where education reaches from the best and received by the most deserving aspirants.

We have mapped out every possible way through which students can have an upper hand in their preparations. Let’s have an insight into them:

 ●       Regular Live Classes

Students can get in touch with their favorite mentors online for productive classes and doubt clearing sessions. They will be getting detailed lessons on all the topics. More than 200 videos will be shared with them on a single topic so that they can understand the topic in complete length.

●       Live Examinations & Quizzes

Exams, assignments, in-class Quizzes, or after class QNA’s help a student and teacher to keep track if they both are on the same page or not. By participating in rigorous test series and in-class quizzes students can keep a regular check on their progress. This way they will also know which topic needs more preparation.

●       Structured Course & Curriculum

We have designed our courses in such a way that students also get time for self-study. Every online session will be of 35 minutes only, which will be followed by a Q&A session. We have structured everything as per the observation of the time clock of the human mind.

●       Learn At Per Your Convenience

The biggest advantage of joining Make My Career is students can learn anytime, anywhere. This implies they can learn and prepare from the comfort of their homes. They can learn new topics or revise the old ones at the time saved from traveling.

We at Make My Career ensure that every faculty who teaches has a minimum experience of 15 years. At the same time, we help the teachers or mentors teaching on this platform with world-class infrastructure. With MMC students can excel in their entrance exams easily and effortlessly as they will be getting the right guidance.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a course of your choice today!!

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