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How Can You Attempt 170 Out of 180 Questions in NEET

With NEET exam just around the corner, students are leaving no stone unturned to give their best to score the magical number 170. Over 16 lakhs of students applied for NEET exam this year. To step ahead from the crowd and ace this examination, one is expected to understand the question, recall the right formula, some calculations, and arrive at the right answer, within the given time limit. All of this can be achieved by knowing the right time management strategy and the correct formula.

Here, with this blog, Make My Career brings you a list of steps which will help you to score above 170+:

  • Get thorough with the question paper pattern. It is really important to know the pattern of question paper as it will help you to understand the difficulty level of questions, making schemes, understanding the questions, and much more. The best way to know all of it is by solving question papers of previous years.
  • It is very important to avoid negative marking. If you are still having problems with topics, clear your concepts before attempting to learn.
  • Refer to only NCERT books for study materials for Physics, Chemistry, and definitely for Biology.
  • It is important to study Numericals for Physics, but the theory portion is just as important. Do not miss out on it.
  • In your time practicing, you must have come across patterns on which questions might repeat. Give those questions more time for practice to save more on time-consuming questions.

While solving the paper do not panic. Strategize everything in a manner that you get the last 5 minutes to revise your answers. It is very important to be positive, and mindful throughout the exam. We wish you all the best and hope that these tips will help you.

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